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Become the Extraordinary Man that Women Crave

As a man, your focus is controlling your path amongst chaos and competition. Within relationships, your job as a Man is to lead, protect, empower, and provide, so it’s time to Man UP.

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Why I’m Your Anwser

“Instilling unwavering strength within others.”

Save yourself another rejection by signing up with me today. Quit trying to be something you’re not and focus on starting to succeed as you are! My  Rapid Strength Conditioning Strategy Program will empower you to the point that the only competition you’ll have is yourself.

I’m the best at this one thing: Rapidly establishing Deep Directional Relations, and NOBODY will empower you to success faster than I will.

This skill has afforded me tremendous success as a best selling author Prison to Penthouse Breaking Up Not Downowner of LegalQs,  OnlyTeleMed, RideShare LegalTeam, Ideal Business SolutionsQiss, Advanced Hydro Solutions7Figure Dating and more.

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7 P.E.R.F.E.C.T Actions

P) Position

In becoming a leader in relationships, our first focus is creating the strongest possible position for your win. How you enter into your arena is everything, so here we’ll focus on adjusting your ability to showcase confidence through your posture, body-language, enthusiasm,  and more.

P= Position, so we’re gonna ensure you SHOW UP to battle ready for all!

E) Embrace Confrontation

In life, you either Assert or Hurt.

As a strong capable man, you’re about to embrace the art and ease of holding others accountable.

As others have their own objectives/agendas, you’re going to perfect maximum assertiveness and begin embracing discomfort and  confrontations rather than running from them.

Confrontations should never be physical fights; it’s simply having the strength to hold others accountable to their word and keep them in line with your agenda.


R) Real and Authentic

Knowing that all relations are based on trust, we’re going to do a deep dive into programming you to thrive with your guard DOWN!

It’s hard to build a connection with something you can’t see, so you’re about to perfect succeeding as your true authentic self while building your strengths and mitigating any weakness!

F) Fitness Family

Successful men are often out of shape, but even those who are active fail to maximize their gains by competing and growing with a team.

Part of empowering a Fitness Family is the social ability in managing others and utilizing healthy tension to solidify all strengths and gains!

E) Empowers Others

The difference between happiness from pleasure vs joy is that where pleasure is about the selfish consumption from the outside world, Joy is all about selflessly giving happiness to others.

For the greatest longterm deep relations, learn to acquire gains for gifts to others. 

Show them to their dreams and together you’ll remain in fantasy land forever!

C) Connects Deeply

Connecting without intention is futile.

Rather than merely “knowing” tons of people, your greatest success will come from acquiring a large amount of “Family-Deep” Connection, or “brothers” willing to fight and die for you.

With that achieved, life begins to become effortless!

T) Takes Action

In a life full of Intake & Consumption, Step 7 Taking Action is all about Output and Creation.

In this section, we train ourselves embracing “A Series of Small Wins”, where we self induce the Winners Effect.

By conditioning ourselves to the wins, although small, we quickly become more likely to win our bigger battles. 

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